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Infographic: Home Bay vs. Local Real Estate Agent

The number one question Home Bay agents are asked is “How does Home Bay compare to local real estate agents when selling a home?” We evaluated thousands of conversations our agents have had with potential home sellers and gathered the following comparisons of our experience and service against average local

List Your Home Before Buying a New Home

Consider real estate’s version of the chicken or the egg question: what comes first — listing your current home for sale or buying your new home? While there’s no universal answer, weigh the advantages of each option to help hatch your own solution. In this article, we’ll consider

How Much Are Seller Closing Costs in California?

Real estate can be an incredibly lucrative investment, and when ready to sell, whether it’s a primary residence or an investment property, knowing exactly what you’re up against and how to determine the bottom line means there’ll be no hidden surprises when it comes down to what