Thinking about selling a home in 2018? Read This.

If you’re considering selling a home in 2018, you’d probably be happy to get some first-hand advice on how to sell quickly and efficiently. I bet you’re also eager to learn how to make as much money as possible at closing. This post provides just that! Read on for real advice from successful recent home sellers. Learn about the mistakes they made, what they would have done differently and what worked really well. Then use what you learned to set the stage for your own successful sale!

Meet Maureen:


  • Lived in her Mill Valley, California home for 10 years
  • Decided to use Home Bay to help sell her own property
  • Her sale was prompted by good market conditions

Maureen’s Advice for Future Sellers:

“There was a really emotional component about selling my own home that I wasn’t anticipating,” Maureen said. *“It never happened with investment properties. At first, I was sharing stories about my family and the home, and over time, I began to realize that was a turnoff for buyers. Rather than hear about how we had made the house our home, I needed to let prospective buyers visualize their own future memories. I also found I was overly hospitable at times, during tours and open houses. Turns out, it’s best to let people have their space when they come to walk through your home.” *

As for the rest of the selling process, Maureen said, “Take disclosure forms very seriously for the region you’re in, try not to show your emotional attachment to the home when you’re talking to potential buyers and surround yourself with a good professional team, who knows more about real estate than you do.”

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Meet Gary:


  • Lived with his family in his San Rafael home for 15 years
  • Approaching retirement age, Gary was ready to cash in on his nest-egg
  • Unfavorable previous experiences with agents inspired him to sell his own home (with a little help from HomeBay).

Gary’s Advice for Future Sellers:

“Pricing got the best of me. My initial listing price was too high – and it slowed down the sales process. I went into the transaction thinking people would see my property and bid it down,” said Gary.

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Meet Jessica:


  • Lived in her Redondo Beach home with her husband and kids for 2 years
  • A decision to move to Arizona prompted the need to sell
  • A combination of some not-so-great realtor experience and a lot of real estate knowledge inspired her to list with Home Bay.**

Jessica’s Advice for Future Sellers:

“You need to clean, stage and learn the best ways to show a home before listing. You also need to be prepared to accommodate buyers request to see your home and make it presentable during these times.”

As for the best decision they made during the selling process, Jessica said, “We did a lot of work to the home prior to listing, so we expected it to sell pretty quickly in a hot market. However, we didn’t expect to get such a great offer (10k over asking price) just one day after listing!”

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