The Benefits of Living a Life of Gratitude

By Home Bay

Posted on November 25th, 2015

Most of our posts are focused on helping homeowners take the stress out of the home selling process. But with the holiday season just around the corner, we wanted to tackle a different topic. Today, let’s talk about gratitude.

Gratitude is the quality of being thankful. It is the readiness to show appreciation and a conscious effort to return kindness.

For most of us, this year has been full of ups and downs. When you’re stressed, it’s very easy to slip into a cycle of frustration and to feel like everything is going wrong. But when you stop and think for a moment, you realize you have so many things to be thankful for.


Getting yourself into the habit of counting your blessings, noticing simple pleasures and acknowledge everything you receive can make a tremendous difference in your life. You’ll find yourself replacing useless worry with a more optimistic outlook that positively impacts every single day.

How to incorporate gratitude into your day to day life:

  1. Make gratitude a habit:
    Choose a time of day to note one to three things you’re grateful for. You can do it when you first wake up, at dinner or right before bed. Choose whatever method works for you. Just make sure you have a time set aside everyday to stop and smell the roses. You’ll be surprised how quickly it impacts your overall mood and outlook on life.

  2. Collect your gratitude:
    There are also lots of crafty ways to incorporate gratitude into your life. For example, you can create a gratitude jar or box, like the ones featured here. Once you’ve decided how to collect your gratitude, encourage everyone in your household to write what they are thankful for on a piece of paper every day and slip it into your container. Next year during the holidays, sit with your family, read through your notes and reminisce about all the wonderful things you have in your life.

  3. Reminisce with friends and family:
    The holidays are a great time to look back on fond memories with family and friends. Talk about that time you were all playing games at the table after you ate a hearty holiday meal and grandpa got a serious case of the giggles. Reminisce about that night you reunited with a group of high school friends and you got caught up on each other’s lives. Talking about good times creates an air of comfortable nostalgia that everyone enjoys.

  4. Regularly check your perspective:
    Sometimes, you just have a rotten day. When that happens, make a conscious effort to put things into perspective. Think about a friend or family member going though a really tough time, and remind yourself that whatever is bugging you that day, it could always be worse. Think about someone going through a serious health struggle and be thankful for your own health. Think about other countries where basic needs aren’t being met on a day to day basis and consider how lucky you are to have all that you do. Reminding yourself of all the different life struggles people face, then comparing your situation to those struggles can really help you get back on track.

Pay special attention to the laughter and love in your home this year and be mindful and grateful for all you have. If you look closely enough, you will always find something to be grateful for. Happy holidays from the Home Bay team!

What are you grateful for this year? Share in the comments.

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