Inman News: Will Home Bay Disrupt The Real Estate Industry?

“As the analog generation dies off, the DIY digital tribe will turn to the newest fee for service options.” – Brad Inman

inman-news Brad Inman, the founder and owner of Inman News, has used his real estate information platform to discuss trends, relay news and identify innovation since 1983. On January 4, 2016 – Brad turned his attention to the next big thing and started a discussion on which company is set to disrupt the real estate industry 2016. (read the full article)

With dramatic advances in technology, it was only a matter of time until innovation started to shake the foundation of real estate. To date, the industry has relied on processes that have remained largely unchanged for decades. Now, the development and launch of intelligent tech tools have created a rumble that is likely to lead to a full-scale shake-up.

Brad anticipates that the changes in real estate will be similar to the “Uberization” of the rideshare industry. To recap, Uber was a relatively new company to the rideshare industry in 2010, and in 5 short years, they streamlined processes, redefined the word “taxi” and dramatically altered consumer expectations.

Now, Brad says, real estate is due for a shake-up of Uber magnitude – and he’s looking to determine which company is going to make it happen. In Brad’s words, “…In the next 12 months, more real estate disrupters — smarter, bolder and better funded — will stake a claim on real estate. A new generation of self-serve, fee-for-service startups are entering the business. These newbies aren’t unsuccessful agents who discount because they can’t deliver on the full service model. They are often smart young entrepreneurs, who are getting the attention of legitimate investors who feel like real estate is poised for a shake up.” He followed this statement with an introduction to Home Bay’s business model.

Brad thinks we may have what it takes to disrupt the industry – and that’s precisely what we intend to do. By using technology to empower homeowners to list their property in minutes and streamline the entire selling process, we’re removing expensive real estate commissions from the real estate equation.

We’re a growing team of realtors, technologists and process improvement fanatics working together to simplify the real estate experience. We’re also homeowners and home sellers. We’ve dealt with the mounds of paperwork; we’ve eagerly waited for buyers; and we’ve felt the anxieties of closing escrow. And through it all, we’ve found a better way.

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