Home Bay Sold Home Showcase: January to March 2017

The first quarter of 2017 has been very busy for the Home Bay team! Between January and March of 2017, we helped 80 Home Bay clients successfully sell their homes. In total, we saved our sellers more than $790,000! Take a look… sold-california

Sold Home Showcase:

City: Lake Forest, CA
Details: 3 bed, 2 bath, 1,121 square feet
Sale Price: $558,000
Seller Savings: $10,450

City: San Clemente, CA
Details: 4 bed, 3.5 bath, 3,339 square feet
Sale Price: $1,335,000
Seller Savings: $29,875

City: Fallbrook, CA
Details: 6 bed, 5.5 bath, 3,541 square feet
Sale Price: $800,000
Seller Savings: $16,500

City: San Jose, CA
Details: 4 bed, 3.5 bath, 2,307 square feet
Sale Price: $928,000
Seller Savings: $19,700

What our Recent Sellers Have to Say:

Krishna sold a townhouse in Fremont, CA. In her Zillow review, she said:
“I sold my home using Home Bay. I thought the experience was very good. It was easy and I was never pressurized to do any decision. I was trying to do my own research to validate what I heard. My research was encouraged. Decisions were left to me.Basically you lower the cost of selling while keeping all the other advantages. One might ask if you lose the advantage of having a real person as the interface while selling your home. We took our chances. We have used real people to sell homes too. It comes with advantages and disadvantages.
If you know how to make your decisions with some real information, Home Bay is a good choice. I sold my house without even being in that area. I had moved out of the area a year ago. I did not need any person to be there to do open houses. Open houses are your choice. You can have one if you want and if you know you can manage it on your own.”

Natalie sold a single family home in Tracy, CA. In her Zillow review, she said:
If you are skeptical that is understandable, but don’t let that stop you! We have bought and sold multiple homes and used a local realtor. In every case we were unhappy or disappointed. Looking back I question why we paid them so much to do what Home Bay has done for us for a fraction of the price. The process was explained in great detail and we were guided every step of the way. We are very thankful we took a chance – it paid off!

Brian sold a single family home in Livermore, CA. In his Zillow review, he said:
“This is a very hands-on service and super responsive team. I was able to sell my home and save thousands in commissions. The process was easy and I was guided each step of the way. We won’t ever use a selling agent again since we now have Home Bay to help us and keep more of that hard-earned equity in our pocket. Thanks to Ryan and David they were stellar to work with!

Alfred sold a single family home in Lake Tahoe, CA. In his Zillow review, he said:
“Everyone at Home Bay made the process very easy. Very quick response time on all request. This is the first time I use this service and I could not be more pleased. Being a Builder / Owner I was going to use this service on New Construction only. After my experience with Home Bay, I will also use their service on selling my other properties.”

Michael sold a single family home in Roseville, CA. In his Zillow review, he said:
“Home Bay had really great service right from the very first phone call where they explained everything. The price included pictures and a sign out front. They also tracked key dates for the process. They were VERY responsive any time I called or emailed, even on weekends and evenings when I assumed they would be closed, but were actually in the office. They ran a preliminary title search that found a lien I didn’t know about. They also wrote up and provided all the necessary forms and counter offers, etc. The old real estate agent model is a waste of money and time. Home Bay does all the same things for you and leads you through the process for a fraction of the cost. I could not have afforded my new house if I had to flush away 6% on a real estate agent who ignores you after you sign the contract. I’d definitely recommend Home Bay, just like I did to several neighbors who stopped and asked me about them.

Jason sold a single family home in Winnetka, CA. In his Zillow review, he said:
“I was very pleased that I selected Home Bay to handle the sell of my house. I ended up saving quite a bit of money that would have gone to a selling agent. The process was very simple, the team at Home Bay was there at every step providing guidance on the process and the documentation. They tracked everything through a shared spreadsheet, which added great visibility. I can’t thank the team enough for the saving me money and making this a smooth process.”

If you’re thinking about selling soon – it’s a great time to act. Homes are selling quickly, buyers are motivated and demand is high. Questions? Call us at 1-866-307-1523 or email us at info@homebay.com. We’re happy to help!

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