Zillow Make Me Move Tool: Everything You Need to Know

Real estate giant Zillow released it’s Make Me Move (MMM) tool in 2006. Similar to consumers using Priceline to name a price for a hotel room, MMM allows homeowners to publicly “name their price” to move.

More specifically, sellers disclose how much money they would have to make on a sale in order to be ‘forced’ to move out of their home. Listing a home via the MMM tool does not actually put a home up for sale, it simply adds it to a searchable database of properties. Buyers seeking a new property can look at MMM homes and can make an offer to a homeowner who’s not necessarily looking to sell right now, but would be willing to move for the right price.

How do you list your home?

Create a free account on Zillow, then visit the Make Me Move page. Here, you’ll enter some basic details and answer a few questions to add your home to the list, where it will begin to show up in relevant search results. This doesn’t mean your property is officially for sale. Rather, it just provides a way to tell others the price at which you’d be willing to sell your home.

How do you choose a price?

When you name your Make Me Move price, all conventional guidelines and advice go out the window. Instead, determining the right price is a matter of digging deep and deciding what you would require to uproot your life and give up your home.

What happens next?

You wait. If a buyer sees your home listed and falls in love, they can reach out to you via email. All of your personal information will be hidden (except for your address of course). You are able to correspond back and forth and decide if you want to really consider an offer from the buyer.

What if I want to edit or remove my Make Me Move listing?

Log into the Zillow account you used to create your Make Me Move listing. Click on “Map and Search”, then type in your address in the “Find Homes” section. When you see your home on the map, click on the address. Go to the “Home Details” page and click on either the edit option to update your property or pricing info, or remove to delete your listing.

Zillow Make Me Move Tool - Map


  • If someone wants your house and they’re willing to pay an inflated price, you have a way to connect and discuss the potential for a transaction.
  • Use Make Me Move prices for similar homes as a sanity check when you’re ready to sell. If your list price is close to a MMM price, you could be pricing too high.
  • You can remove your MMM listing any time.


  • Agents are always on the lookout for potential home sellers. By adding your home to the list, agents in your area will start marketing to you.
  • It can be easy to forget about your listing. If the market shifts dramatically, your pricing might be outdated, resulting in unwanted solicitations from interested buyers or investors.
  • Zillow tracks all data, including MMM prices. This can be seen in the price history section on your home details page. If you don’t want a MMM price associated with your property long-term, it may be best not to submit your home. Zillow Make Me Move Tool - Price History

So does it work? Read on to see what people have been saying about Zillow’s Make Me Move tool.


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