7 Common Listing Photo Mistakes (& How to Avoid Them)

When you’re looking at homes for sale online and you see a dark, blurry photo of what might be a kitchen – how do you react? Are you intrigued to click on the listing to get more information? Or… do you skip it and move on to the next listing? I’m willing to bet the latter is the case a majority of the time.

In order to make sure your buyers don’t suffer the same fate, learn how to avoid 7 common listing photo mistakes that devalue your home and encourage potential buyers to skip your listing.

listing photo mistakes

7 Common Listing Photo Mistakes That Cost You Money

  1. Skipping photos all together:
    This is by far the worst mistake any seller can make. A listing without photos will struggle to capture buyer’s attention and will be skipped over by a majority of home shoppers. Need more incentive? Study after study shows that listings with no listing photos consistently sell for less.

    For best results, add at least 5-9 photos to your home listing.

  2. Neglecting to showcase the most important spaces of your home:
    If you only add photos of one or two rooms, buyers will wonder if there’s something wrong with the rest of the house that you don’t want them to see. This is especially true with key areas buyers expect to see, like the kitchen.

    So what photos should you include? A recent survey conducted by Trulia found that both male and female home shoppers agree the following five photos are the most important; kitchen, bathroom, closets, outdoor living space and unique home features. We also encourage sellers to include at least one outdoor shot of the front of the house so prospective buyers can get a feel for the neighborhood. Clean up the space first (mow the lawn, plant some flowers, put a fresh coat of paint on the front door) to maximize your curb appeal.

  3. Posting blurry photos:
    Camera technology has come a long way, which means it’s not that difficult to take quality photos anymore. That said, there are a couple common slip-ups that can cause low quality photos.

    Blurry pictures are usually a result of poor focus or something on the lens, both of which are easily fixable. Cameras with a touch screen typically have a built-in “tap to focus” feature. Try tapping on different focal points in the room and take a few pictures so you have options – then choose your favorites for your listing. If you’ve tried this and your images are still coming out blurry, there’s a good chance you’ve got something on the lens. Use a soft cloth to wipe off your lens and get your clarity back.

  4. People or pets in the photo:
    This one is simple; prospective buyers want to look at your property, not who (or what) resides in it. While kids and pets can be very cute, it is best to leave them out of the listing photos.

  5. Trying to make a space appear to be something it’s not:
    Please, put away the fish eye lens. No matter how much bigger it makes your 1/2 bath look, misleading prospective buyers by using a comically widened lens isn’t a good way to make a first impression. That said, you can use a high quality wide angle lens designed to capture more of the space without distorting it to help provide buyers get a better visual on the space.

    If you don’t have one, take shots from every corner of the room to capture the most attractive angles, then compare your photos and select your top shots to use in your listing.

It Pays to Follow These Tips (Literally)

Maximizing your listing photos will pay dividends when it comes time to close escrow. By focusing on taking high quality listing photos, you will not only increase the number of buyers looking at your home, you’ll also increase your home’s overall value. It’s a win-win!

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