3 Seller Tips for a Stress-Free Home Showing

If your property is on the market and you’ve never shown a home before, you may be a little nervous about the process. Potential buyers can ask you all sorts of questions, and you really want to make the sale – so you don’t want to mess anything up. Fortunately, showing a home is not […]

7 Ways to Tell if a Buyer is Planning on Making an Offer

When you’re selling your own home, it can be nerve wracking to watch buyers walk through your property. How can you tell if they’re just checking it out to satisfy their curiosity or if they are serious enough to make an offer? This post will explain seven things to watch for that indicate a buyer is highly interested […]

5 Questions Sellers Should Ask Buyers Before a Showing

As a homeowner who has decided to go the for sale by owner route, it’s your job to show your home, sell your home and to handle all the required paperwork. Frankly, you’ve got a lot on your plate. To maximize your time, ask potential buyers the following pre-showing questions to see how serious they are about buying your home.