Top Tech Trends & Smart Home Innovations

Smart technology has come home in a big way when it comes to safety, convenience, and connectivity. From keyless locks to smart thermostats, technology is destined to affect home design and change the ways we perceive our environment. Let’s take a look at how technology is playing an increasingly larger role in daily home life.

Real Estate Industry Innovators: Meet Toor

We’re always excited to see real estate innovations that empower buyers and sellers, and TOOR is leading the charge in the lockbox space. On the November 11th episode of Shark Tank, TOOR introduced the world to the first ever smart lockbox, designed to simplify the showing process. Read on for more information about TOOR, their […]

You Don’t Have to Be Tech Savvy to Sell With HomeBay

Technology has become a key player in all aspects buying or selling a home and real estate companies are taking advantage. But where does that leave you if you don’t self-identify as tech savvy? We can’t speak for other companies, but HomeBay made it a key focus to make sure anyone can list a home with us – regardless of how tech savvy you […]

Zillow Make Me Move Tool: Does it Actually Work?

We recently told you about the Zillow Make Me Move (MMM) tool, which allows homeowners to publicly “name their price” – aka say how much a buyer would have to pay in order to get them to move. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at consumer opinions about the tool, discuss industry reactions and offer you […]

Smart Homes: Should You Include Technology in Your Flips?

As a real estate flipper, time and money is always in short supply. The need to move a home within a 12-month time frame makes flipping real estate extremely competitive. But, what if you could differentiate your properties from others? Learn how including a little technology in your flips can help you improve your ROI.

Zillow Announces New Price This Home Tool for Sellers

It was announced today that real estate giant, Zillow, is launching a new pricing tool for sellers, named Price This Home. This new tool allows homeowners to create an estimate of their home’s value based on comparable listings and recently sold homes in their neighborhood. The estimate is private and fully customizable.