How Millennials are Shaping The Real Estate Industry

Whether you are a Millennial or you’re just interested in what factors are impacting today’s real estate market, this is a great read. Learn why Millennial homebuyers are unique, and what the real estate industry is doing to cater to this buying demographic that has the power to make the purchasing process easier for all […]

3 Must-Know Record-Breaking Real Estate Stats

A recent article published by CNN money says, “It’s a good time to be a home seller right now… really good.” Why? Quote, “it’s the most profitable time to sell a home in almost ten years!” So what’s got CNN money so excited on behalf of home sellers? Take a look at these record-breaking real […]

Market Snapshot: San Diego County Real Estate Trends

In 2016, San Diego County home values increased 6% over the previous year. By year-end, the cumulative value of all San Diego real estate was $596 billion, up 5% from 2015. This increase mirrors national shifts, and analysts believe San Diego County real estate values will continue to rise. Here’s a closer look at what’s happening. 

Southern California Real Estate: Price & Sales Trends

In Southern California, the real estate market has been on the rise for four years. During that time, property values and the number of sales have increased every single month. This trend has been consistent through all six counties in the region. Increases are expected to continue, but the rate of growth may slow.

Experts Weigh In: 2017 Real Estate Market Predictions

What will 2017 bring to the US real estate market? Can we expect to see a drastic shift in homebuyer trends? Will housing inventory increase? Will prices remain high and buyer demand remain strong? A recent Inman article reveals what eight real estate experts predict will happen in 2017. Read on for the high-level takeaways. 

Tips for Selling Your Home in a Transitional Market

In real estate, a transitional market refers to a period of time between a seller’s market and a buyer’s market. There are lots of posts that explain how to sell in a buyer’s or seller’s market – but few that focus on what to expect and how to attract qualified buyers to your listing in a […]