5 Reasons to Ignore Blogs That Tell You Not to Sell Your Own Home

If you search for posts on FSBO or for sale by owner, many of the top results will say things like, “Under NO Circumstances Should You EVER Sell Your Own Home – Here’s Why.” Well, we’re here to tell you that under no circumstances should you take those blog posts to heart – and here’s […]

Open Listings VS MLS Listings: A Guide for Home Sellers

Do you know the difference between an open listing and an MLS listing? Are you trying to figure out which is a better option for you? This post will define both and will explain the similarities and differences between the two. Read on to learn everything you need to know to make an educated decision on […]

Surprise! The Best Time of Year to List Your Home Is…

The best time of year to sell is a hotly debated topic. Many experts agree that spring is a safe bet, and recent Redfin research backs this up. But, their report also brings some surprising data to light. Read on learn which seasons help you sell your home faster and for more money. 

Types of Real Estate Ownership: Defined

Before you sell your home, it’s important to know what boxes you’ll have to check on your MLS listing. One of those boxes will ask you to identify your “real estate ownership”. This post will explain what real estate ownership is. It will also define both the most common types of ownership as well as a few […]

3 Often-Ignored Things You Must Do Before You List Your Home

To help you prepare for your home sale, we asked some recent sellers what they wish they would have done before they put their home on the market. There were three suggestions that came up frequently and we wanted to share them with you. Read on to learn about three often-ignored things you should do before you […]

3 Effective Ways to Attract Buyers to a Unique Property

When you sell a unique home that appeals to a niche market of buyers, like a ranch, you need to make sure you promote it in a way that your target buyer sees it. Doing so will increase your chances of finding the right buyer quickly. This post covers three basic tips that simplify the process of marketing and selling a […]

Make Your California Home Listing Sizzle This Summer

Summer is coming and the real estate market is heating up. If you plan on listing, make sure you know how to position your home so buyers will be excited to come see it. You can highlight your home’s best features, brag about outdoor space and talk about trendy finishes. Read on for some ideas on how to successfully showcase your home […]

How to Save $14k (Or More) On Your California Home Sale

Want to save $14,000.00 or more on your California home sale? We can help! Imagined and built by real estate experts, HomeBay simplifies home selling by enabling you to successfully sell without an agent (saving you 3% in listing commission) in four simple steps: