How to Choose the Perfect Artwork for Your Space

Staring at a blank wall, wondering how to decorate it? Simply going with the kind of art you like seems intuitive enough, but making art and decor complement each other never seems as easy as decorating magazines make it out to be. The shape of the room also plays a part. Here are some tips for […]

Homeowner How-To’s: Landscaping for Your Zone

Thinking about landscaping? A plush, green lawn adorned with the right plants and greenery can really take your home’s curb appeal to the next level–which is especially beneficial if you’re thinking about selling in the near future. Still, maintaining a healthy and beautiful lawn can be challenging, especially in a climate like Florida’s. Fortunately, we’ve got […]

Homeowner How-To’s: Basic Plumbing Fixes

As a homeowner, it’s always good to know how to fix common issues. Even if you aren’t very handy, there are some basic plumbing issues you can troubleshoot without having to call a plumber. From a leaky faucet to a toilet that won’t stop running, here are some homeowner tips that will help you fix […]

Homeowner How-Tos: California Landscaping Advice

Whether you’re looking to beautify your yard for your own enjoyment or you’re doing some pre-sale renovations, landscaping is one of the easiest ways to accomplish your goal. Nothing makes a house more charming than a blooming, thriving yard. And while gardening can be mysterious, you really just have to follow one simple rule; landscape […]

Homeowner How-To’s: Low Maintenance Landscaping

Low maintenance doesn’t have to mean colorless and boring. In fact, with a little research, it can mean quite the opposite. When planning a low maintenance landscape for your own home, take a cue from nature and plant the same easy-care greenery and bloomers that have deep roots in your local environment. Keep reading for tips on […]

Homeowner How-To’s: Basic Pool Maintenance

Maintaining a pool can be a bit intimidating for first-time pool owners. If you’re selling a property with a pool, it can be a good idea to write down your weekly maintenance routine to pass along to your buyers. If you just purchased a home with a pool and you’re looking for guidance, read on to learn the basics […]