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Infographic: 10 Easy Home Staging Tips

Elizabeth Macaulay, one of Home Bay’s seasoned agents, recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by Sarah Mueller (@earlybirdmom) of the Decluttering Club.  Sarah is passionate about simplifying and encourages people daily in their own efforts to organize and focus on what really matters through her blog, Early Bird

When to Hire a Stager (& When to Save Your Money)

The first impression a potential buyer gets when they walk into your home is critical. When your property looks comfortable, clean and well-organized, it helps potential buyers picture the potential of the space and encourages offers. A home stager can help you prepare your home pre-sale, but is it worth

Staging Your Home: DIY Tips that Work

Making a fantastic first impression is vital to generating interest in your home — and ultimately getting great returns on it. Use the following DIY staging tips to save money and make your home inviting and welcoming to potential buyers. Sort through your belongings: One of the first things you need

An Intro to Staging for DIY Home Sellers

Sure you’ve heard of staging your home – but the question is, does it really make enough of a difference to be worth the time and hassle? Research says yes! A recent study conducted by HomeGain suggests your final sale price will increase by $3 for every $1 you spend