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Don’t Give Away Your Real Estate Investment in Commissions

Home Bay’s board room was graced with the empire building real estate investor Elizabeth Colegrove, creator of The Reluctant Landlord, a website and community that revolves around the tips, tricks, trials and tribulations of self-managing investment rental properties. Ever the proponent of “frugal living”, Elizabeth sat down with another

Real Estate Investors: Top 3 Florida Cities to Focus On

Looking for great real estate investment opportunities in Florida? We’re here to help! Learn about three standout cities and get insights on how each provides unique investment opportunities. The Villages, Florida If you want to invest in a great snowbird property, this is an excellent option to consider. The

5 Free Real Estate Investor Tools from Bigger Pockets

When you invest in real estate, your objective is simple: use everything at your disposal to ensure that your investment will pay-off. Luckily, investor site Bigger Pockets offers a variety of free real estate investment calculators and other tools to simplify the process and save you hours of complicated math.