5 Big Reasons You Should Hire a Pro Listing Photographer

When you’re selling your home, you might want to save money by taking pictures of the property yourself. But, hiring a pro listing photographer is one expense that really pays off when you get quality offers on your home. Let’s take a look at five reasons why it’s worth the money to hire a pro.

  1. Pro photos help you make a great first impression:
    These days, many buyers first see a home when it’s listed online. They’re sorting through lots of listings, checking out lots of possible purchases. A listing with professional photos is more likely to grab the attention of a buyer and make a good first impression than one with dark, blurry or unappealing photos. Having well-composed photos of your space that showcase your home’s best features increases your odds of wowing potential buyers at first glance.

  2. You’re guaranteed to get great shots:
    Do you know which angle to take a picture from to capture your home at its best? Or what time of day is the ideal time for taking photos? You might not, but a professional photographer does. Additionally, a pro photographer knows what to include in shots to capture your home at its best. Trusting someone who has dedicated their life to their craft to capture beautiful photos of your home to make sure you get the best possible results.

  3. Pro photos make your home look bigger:
    It can be really hard to capture rooms in a way that accurately portray the size of the space when you take your own listing photos. And if you’re struggling to get the shot, you know buyers viewing your photos online are going to struggle to visualize the space. That’s why bringing in a photographer with professional equipment and wide-angle lenses that more accurately captures space can really pay off. As this video shows, professional photography can make a home that is half as large as another home look twice as big.

  4. You can speed up the selling process:
    Studies have proven that listings with high-quality listing photos get more buyer interest, showing requests and ultimately – offers than those with owner-captured photos. In general, houses that use professional photography in their listings sell several weeks faster than houses that either have no photos or that have lower-quality smartphone or point-and-shoot camera photos.

  5. You can make more money at closing:
    The Wall Street Journal noted that home listings that featured great pictures sold for anywhere from $934 to $116,076 more than homes that didn’t have good pictures. You might have to pay for a photographer, but you’re likely to recoup that expense, and possibly much more, when you sell your home.

Hiring a pro won’t just save you time and money, it will help reduce any stress and will increase your odds of getting more money at closing when you sell your home.

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