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  1. Seller Success Stories (eBook):
    Sellers love Home Bay – see why!
    No one can explain the benefits of Home Bay better than our customers! Check out recent success stories, as told by six recent Home Bay sellers.

    This eBook provides:

    • Information on each listing
    • Seller bios
    • Insight into each seller’s challenges and how Home Bay helped
    • Details on how much money Home Bay saved each seller >> Get your copy here.
  2. The Smarter Way to Sell Your Home in California (eBook):
    Smarter Way to Sell
    Save thousands on your next home sale.
    Get your copy of the ultimate resource for California home sellers – and stop paying realtors tens of thousands of dollars for a few hundred dollars worth of work!

    Our 25-page Guide Provides You With:

    • Step-by-step instructions on how to sell successfully without an agent
    • Information on what to expect throughout the selling process
    • Advice on how to price your home
    • Tips on how to reach motivated buyers
    • And much, MUCH more! >> Get your copy here.
  3. Home Seller Pricing Worksheet (Printable Download):
    Ready to price your home? Our pricing worksheet will guide you through the process, step-by-step.

    This worksheet will:

    • Tell you how to determine an accurate listing price
    • Provide detailed instructions on each step of the process
    • Outline tips and considerations that will help you price more effectively >> Get your copy here.


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