3 Compelling Reasons to Sell Your Home with Home Bay

Have you been considering list your home for sale? If so, then you should know that it’s a great time to sell because home values and demand are both high. And, you can save thousands of dollars by listing your house with Home Bay! Our unique and innovative platform allows you to sell your home affordably without sacrificing service. Keep reading to learn three big benefits of listing your home with Home Bay. bigstock-Luxury-house-on-a-sunny-day--84075530

  1. You save THOUSANDS at closing:
    If you’re selling a $500,000 California home and you plan to list it with an agent or broker, you can expect to pay a 2-3% listing commission – which equates to $10,000 to $15,000. With Home Bay, we list and sell your home, just like an agent would but we don’t charge a commission. Instead, we charge a flat fee rate that starts as low as $2,000. Included in that fee, we also provide you with access to our cutting-edge technology tools, support from an expert team that helps you through every stage of your sale, professional listing photography, and an eye-catching “For Sale” sign and post to place in your yard. With the possibility of $13,000+ in savings on the line, you can see why a lot of sellers are eager to take advantage of our service! So you are probably wondering what the catch is. With such a low price, the service must be lacking, right? Nope!

  2. Saving money doesn’t mean you sacrifice support or expertise:
    We have an experienced support team whose end goal is always to provide you with the best home-selling experience possible. Specifically, when you list your home with us, you’ll work with our expert team of brokers, attorneys, and transaction coordinators to keep the process as simple and stress-free for you as possible. Plus, you’ll also have access to our cutting-edge technology and customer support, which is available seven days a week for your convenience. With our expert assistance, you’ll enjoy prompt answers to all your questions, attorney-reviewed paperwork, and professional analysis and interpretation of offers on your home.

  3. You tell us how much (or how little) support you want and need:
    Ultimately, what sets Home Bay apart from so many other methods of listing and selling your home is that we allow you to control your sale – to the extent that you’re comfortable. Obviously, not all sellers are the same. Some are confident flippers who are very familiar with the selling process and need very little guidance. Others are first-time sellers who are nervous about listing and prefer to get lots of advice throughout the sale. Our expert team is always available to offer guidance – but you call the shots. We defer to you to tell us how much or how little guidance you want. We’ve found that maintaining this level of control is something that today’s home sellers desire and appreciate in our platform.

Home Bay has sold hundreds of California homes, and our team has more than $1 billion in transaction experience. So, if you’re serious about listing your home and want to retain control, save money, and have access to the best real estate software and expertise available – you’re in the right place.

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