2017 Interior Design Trends: What to Expect

By Home Bay

Posted on December 30th, 2016

Design trends are always in flux, in both home exteriors and interior decor. The coming year’s design directions lead down multiple paths, confirming that, in some ways, homeowners are free to follow their hearts and craft home spaces and housing styles of infinite variety. Let’s take a look at what interior design trends are coming in 2017.


Global Perspective

As the world shrinks, influences from other cultures, relics from the past, and influences from across the planet seep into the mainstream worldwide. It is not at all unusual to incorporate stone from Italian quarries, wood from South America, building materials from Southeast Asia, furniture from Finland, and fabrics from Africa in American home interiors. The mix is lively and unpredictable, a trend that shows no signs of slowing.

Art as Design

From hand-crafted doorknobs and cabinet pulls to ornate iron entry doors and garden gates, from wall-size murals painted on commercial building walls to inlaid mosaic floors in luxury bathrooms, from geometric shapes that cover entire buildings and architecture that blurs the lines between interiors and exteriors, there is renewed interest in art in both residential and commercial design. Pay attention to the aesthetics of your home to boost its appeal.

Natural Is In

Green and sustainable aren’t just buzzwords anymore. Environmental consciousness extends to all aspects of home — energy efficiency, water conservation, heating and cooling sensibility, air quality and the acknowledged benefits of integrating built environments with the world outside the windows. Mental health professionals and medical doctors alike tout the stress-reducing and wellness benefits of natural materials, calming colors and “green” principles.

Vintage Is Cool

Whether based on economic reality or emotional attachment, incorporating vintage items into contemporary design is a popular way to achieve a personal look for your home. You can mix styles in the kitchen or add vintage garden structures and implements to a backyard patio. Vintage architectural embellishments are also trendy: Think porch railings and corbels, crown moulding and picture frame paneling, stained-glass windows, claw-foot tubs and pedestal sinks!

Recycled and Repurposed Rule

Reuse old materials and seek out new uses for abandoned household and architectural items. Make a whimsical planter out of an old toilet, or craft a birdbath from a replaced vanity sink. Install trendy kitchen counters fabricated from recycled glass or even cardboard! Use reclaimed barn-wood for interior paneling or choose wood flooring manufactured from weathered beams. Investigate new carpet manufactured from recycled plastic! Make a stunning coffee table from a rusty childhood wagon.

Small Lives Large

A novel 2017 trend may be that bigger is not always better, as evidenced by the tiny house movement; average new home square footage is smaller today than a decade ago. Adaptable “swing spaces” are a great way to boost living convenience. Furniture that serves more than one purpose is another noteworthy trend.

If you take these concepts to heart, you’ll not only be right in step with the times, but you’ll likely maximize your enjoyment of home and hearth and also enhance your home’s value.

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