Two Critical Home Staging Tips All Sellers Need to Know

Prepping to sell a home for sale is a lot like meeting a blind date; first impressions are everything. So how do you know what to focus on when you stage? And what can you do to make the best possible first impression on potential buyers? Consider the two critical factors outlined below before you stage your home for best results. home-staging-tups

Tip #1 – you must consider your market:

You want potential buyers to look at your listing photos and say, “Wow, this is a great house! It really stands out.” You don’t want buyers to look at it and say, “Compared to the other ones we’ve seen, this house is just okay.” So how can you make sure your home gets the initial reaction?

Make sure you consider the market you’re in and the ideal type of person you’re trying to sell to when you stage your home. For example, if you’re selling a property that’s appropriate for a starter home in a less affluent part of town, likely buyers are probably going to be young and just starting out. In that case, it’s okay for the furnishings to be budget friendly. Do consider highlighting things that appeal to a younger demographic, like a home office, workout space or entertainment and gaming center.

Conversely, if you’re selling in a more upscale neighborhood to older and wealthier prospective buyers, you’ll want to highlight more expensive looking furnishings, artwork and home decor that looks pricey and anything else that exudes an aura of luxury and sophisticated style. Knowing your market and understanding what appeals to them before you stage your home is just common sense marketing strategy, but it’s something sellers often fail to consider.

Regional styles should also be considered. A buyer in New Mexico might well expect to see a Western motif, while one in Maine would be charmed by a nautical decor. Be careful though, it’s easy to overdo it the point of being tacky. Try to be tastefully moderate with any themed decor.

Tip #2 – staging can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be:

If you don’t have a bunch of extra cash to use to hire a stager, that’s perfectly okay. It’s entirely possible to do all the staging yourself and do do a great job at it. There are also lots of easy ways to make your home look like you spent more money on it than you actually did. To accomplish a professional looking staging job, consider incorporating some of these tips:

  • Replace items that have seen better days:
    Make sure all your light bulbs work and that your bathroom towels are in good shape. Small things like this will impress potential buyers and will give your home a little visual lift that will cost you very little cash.
  • Touch up your paint:
    We all have scuff marks on our baseboards and scrape marks on our walls. It’s what happens naturally as we live in our homes. Now’s the time to get out your paintbrushes and touch up these areas. Also, if you have a room with a bright or bold color scheme, you may want to paint it a more neutral color. Taking this step will give your home a fresh, clean feel.
  • Wash your windows:
    Be sure you wash both the inside and outside of each window. You should also launder the window treatments, curtains, blinds, ledges, etc.
  • Clean the carpets:
    You want your home to smell fresh and clean when someone walks in for the first time and all of these items hold odors. Invest in renting a carpet cleaner – it will make a huge difference in the way your space feels.

Staging is one of the most important elements of marketing your property. Done correctly, it can help you sell much more quickly and at a higher profit.

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