7 Sanity-Saving Home Seller Success Tips For 2016

Selling a home sounds like a daunting task (and don’t get us wrong, if you’re ill prepared, it can be!). But with a little planning, some research and a solid strategy in place, you can turn the overwhelming task of selling your home into a completely manageable project – start to finish. This post will show you how.

  1. Figure out where to start:
    Have you ever heard the saying, “There’s only one way to eat an elephant; one bite at a time.” Same is true for selling your house. If you just sit and think about all that needs to be done, you’ll get overwhelmed quickly. Instead, you need to take a step back determine where to start, then begin tackling things one by one. Before you know it, you will have made great progress! To save you some time, we created a seller checklist to guide you through everything you need to do before you list your home.

  2. Set up separate communication channels & organize buyer inquiries:
    In order to make sure nothing gets lost in the shuffle, we strongly encourage you to set up a dedicated email and voicemail for your listing. Doing so will make it easy to not only keep up with any new inquiries, but will also help you make sure nothing gets lost. When you’re ready, go here to set up a free Gmail account and here to set up a free Google Voice phone number and voicemail.

  3. Set a competitive price:
    One of the biggest things that will determine the success of your sale is your listing price. But how do you figure out what you should list your home for? Your best bet is to do some market research, compare your property to similar homes in your neighborhood and use online home valuation tools to determine a good starting point. You can also download our free seller pricing worksheet, which will walk you through the processes, step-by-step.

  4. Organize Your Marketing:
    Before you list, you need to decide how you plan on promoting your home. Your first step should be to get your home listed on the MLS (find out how). Once that’s done, you can leverage social media marketing, craigslist, your personal network and other channels to get the word out about your listing.

    To keep yourself organized, spend some time making a list of all the marketing channels you’d like to use before you list your home. Then, and put tentative dates next to each marketing task. Be sure to consider your motivation to sell (which is to say, how quickly you need to move), as you set your dates to make sure you are working with a realistic timeline.

  5. Create a listing FAQ sheet:
    When buyers start looking at homes, they usually see multiple properties in a day. To help them remember what they saw, create a listing FAQ sheet that includes all the basic information about your listing. Be sure to mention any standout features of the home. If you really want to make it easy for buyers, provide a pen and small notebook (you can get a 4 pack at the dollar store) and write your address on the first page so they can write down what they like as they walk through the home.

  6. Use technology to simplify the process:
    Luckily for you, technology has come a long way in being able to help support sellers – and here’s where we get into a little shameless promotion. Home Bay’s service and technology hybrid can help you through the entire process, from listing to closing. As an added benefit, our service much cheaper and more comprehensive than other companies, and there are no hidden fees. Curious? Check out five common seller challenges Home Bay can help you overcome, then learn more about our free listing service.

  7. Consistently evaluate your marketing and test new things:
    Selling a home is not a “set it and forget it” scenario – it’s a process. You’re most likely going to learn things along the way that will cause you to re-evaluate some of the choices you made in the listing process, and that’s okay! You can adapt. What are some examples you ask?

    Maybe you’ll learn that your home is priced a little high for your neighborhood and you’re slow to get offers (or the offers you do get are coming in low). Or, maybe you’ll get feedback from buyers that something in your listing is confusing and you’ll have to update it. Whatever the case, you can evaluate things are going and make changes along the way to increase your chance of finding the perfect buyer. (…and if you work with Home Bay – we’ll help you through it!)

Selling your home can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Just use this list as a guide to help you prepare for the process.

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