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Total seller savings


Total seller savings
  1. Saved $19,850

    3685 Northridge Dr

  2. Saved $14,160

    8740 Hebrides Dr

  3. Saved $10,250

    2204 Eastridge Ln

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  1. Saved $22,537

    734 Mesa Drive

  2. Saved $19,100

    5445 Verbena St

  3. Saved $10,050

    3 Idlewild Ln

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  1. Saved $15,850

    5006 SW 72nd Ave

  2. Saved $6,510

    7071 E Brandywine Cir

  3. Saved $5,440

    11618 Crowned Sparrow Ln

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  1. Saved $12,397

    5613 Maxon Marsh Dr

  2. Saved $5,200

    320 Welsh Ct

  3. Saved $4,420

    114 Ashley Dr

See all properties sold in Georgia
  1. Saved $23,650

    923 Hastings St

  2. Saved $18,200

    1362 35th St

  3. Saved $3,190

    165 Lill Ave

See all properties sold in Illinois
  1. Saved $18,250

    6737 Regalbluff Dr

  2. Saved $5,500

    5529 Old Orchard Dr

  3. Saved $3,100

    9407 Ruby Mist Dr

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Seller success stories

Honest information

Home Bay is like having a coach that holds your hand throughout the entire process. It's not intrusive support, but if you need a little extra help, Home Bay is there for you. The information they give you is true and honest and the customer service is remarkable.

Phenomenal support

Besides the cost savings, which is the obvious benefit, the support is phenomenal. Everyone I worked with at Home Bay was so great. They were available to answer all the questions I had throughout the process.

Easier than I thought

It was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be - and it took a lot less time than I expected. Our Transaction Coordinator and everyone else on the Home Bay team helped us every step of the way.

Reviews from Zillow

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Highly likely to recommend
03/28/2019 - Linda Bell
Sold a Single Family home in 2019 for approximately $250K in Apple Valley, CA.
I found the HomeBay process to be wonderful. I enjoyed being \"hands-on\" with the process in order to save myself some money. The on-line page for my home was simple & easy to manage. My broker was amazingly ... Read More
Might recommend
03/25/2019 - Texas291
Sold a Single Family home in 2019 in Katy, TX.
If you have had previous experience with selling homes, lots of patience and have a home that is in a position for a quick sale, then Homebay may be for you. Otherwise, I would seek a traditional realtor. ... Read More
Highly likely to recommend
02/26/2019 - B Riley
Sold a Single Family home in 2019 in Citrus Springs, FL.
We made the right decision when choosing to have Homebay help sell our house over a traditional realtor. The process saved us time and a lot of money. Our broker, Elena Little, was great to work with. ... Read More
Highly likely to recommend
02/26/2019 - boji61
Sold a Townhouse home in 2019 in Briarforest Area, Houston, TX.
Super easy process from the initial inquiry, to the day of closing. I cannot imagine paying a 3% commission ever again after having experienced such a positive transaction with Home Bay. Read More
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