Will Home Bay write a listing description for me?

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Home Bay automatically creates a short listing description from information we pull from tax records. You are welcome to use that description, but we encourage you to improve it by putting your own spin on it.

The best listing descriptions we see begin with seller, not Home Bay, and then we edit them. What we like to see is information not otherwise known from the pictures and facts of the home.

For example:

  • Is the home just a short stroll away from a great hiking trail?
  • Is the home in an award-winning school district?
  • Is commuting easy due to great freeway access or a nearby metro?
  • Are there great shops and restaurants in the area?  
  • Is there a downstairs bedroom and bathroom?
  • Is there a room that can be converted into an additional bedroom?
  • Does the property have a strong rental history?

Ask yourself what is important about your property that cannot be known from the pictures and general facts of the home. These are the items that belong in the listing description. 

If you have a draft to edit, please email it to info@homebay.com.

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