Increasing Showings & Offers

4 Effective Ways to Increase Showings

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If you haven't gotten as many showing requests as you would like , don't worry! There are effective strategies you can put in place to get more buyers interested in your listing. Read on to learn about four things you can do to increase showings. 1. Overhaul Your Photos: If

Home Seller Expectations: First 30 Days

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Congratulations on listing your home! It's great to take a huge first step, but now what should you expect? How can you tell if your listing is doing well or if you need to make changes? Read on to find out! * In most parts of California, Florida and other states at most price

Expert Advice: Listing Price and Price Changes

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Get advice from industry expert, Zillow CEO Spencer Raskoff, on how to analyze your list price, how to determine when to change your price and how to maximize the impact of price changes.Spencer Raskoff, the CEO of Zillow, wrote a book called Zillow Talk.In it, he devoted an enti