What does Home Bay cost?

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Home Bay's comprehensive seller service costs a low one-time feepaid at the close of escrow, starting at $2,000.Reach out to an agent to discuss your needs and get a personalized quote.888-544-4239 Our price includes: * Expert phone and email support from top Realtors & attor

What it REALLY costs to sell a house

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You know selling a house costs money, but how much? What fees are you going to be responsible for? How much do they cost? First, let's take a look at a few minor fees that sellers are responsible for by default in most home sales. Keep in mind, all these things are negotiable in

Do I have to offer a Buyer Agent Commission?

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If you work with Home Bay, our low, one-time fee replaces the commission you would typically be paying to a listing agent. But do you still have to pay commission to a buyer's agent? Read this post to learn.Most of our sellers choose tooffer 2% to 3% to a buyer's agent. But it i