Completing Disclosures

California Natural Hazard Disclosure Report 101

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SnapNHD is dedicated to providing home buyers and sellers with comprehensive natural hazard disclosure reports. In this post, you'll learn what a natural hazard disclosure (NHD) is, what the report covers, and what to look for. Understanding Your NHD Report: California law re

How does Home Bay handle real estate paperwork?

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Wondering how Home Bay handles all the real estate paperwork involved in your transaction? Our team of real estate brokers and transaction coordinators provides the exact same forms and disclosures that you would receive from a real estate agent throughout the home sale process.

Disclosing a Death on the Property

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It may sound strange, or even unreasonable, but a death on a property is considered a material defect that must be disclosed to the buyer, according to many state laws. Read on to learn more about disclosing a death. State laws vary, but at least in California, the following do