Listing Photography Preparation Guide

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To get the very best results from your photo shoot, please prepare your property before the photographer arrives.

As you get your home ready, please be mindful of the bullet points listed below:

    • Clean glass doors and windows
    • Vacuum or mop floors
    • Dust furniture and appliances
    • Tidy up closets
    • Turn off any TVs
    • Open blinds to let in good natural light
    • Remove scuff marks from the walls

    • Clear the driveway of cars, trash cans, hoses, etc.
    • Remove any visible weeds
    • Mow the lawn (if needed)

    • Clear clutter, including:
      • Remote controls
      • Any non-decor items on the floors or tables

    • Hide the trash can
    • Remove magnets from the refrigerator
    • Wipe counters and appliances
    • Clear clutter, including:
      • Dishwashing soap and sponges
      • Countertop appliances (blenders, etc.)
      • Any food items (i.e. cereal boxes) that are not photographically appealing

    • Hide visible trash cans
    • Put toilet seats and lids down
    • Clean mirrors, tubs and glass shower doors
    • Clear the bathroom of clutter, including:
      • Toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, soap, makeup or other items on the countertops
      • Soap or shampoo bottles in the shower that would be visible in a photo
      • Plungers

    • Make the bed(s)
    • Store any toys in children's rooms
    • Clear any clutter or disarray, including:
      • Items on dressers or bedside tables
      • Clothing items or shoes that are not in the closet

Please note - all rooms will be photographed as they sit:
The photographer will not be responsible for offering any staging advice or design tips and their insurance policy prohibits them from handling any personal property in the home.

If you need to postpone the photo shoot for any reason, kindly do so no later than 24 hours before:
Photographers shoot rain or shine, so please be sure to check the weather a few days in advance to make sure the weather conditions will meet your approval.

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