How do Offers and Counteroffers Work?

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Home Bay handles offers and counteroffers the same way they are handled in a traditional real estate transaction. When you receive an offer from a potential buyer, one of our brokers will go over it with you, answer any questions you have and assist you with a counter offer. 

review_offerIf you're working with a buyer who has a buyer's agent:

In the MLS offer instructions section of your listing, we request that buyer agents email offers directly to you and copy us at As offers are received, we'll help you evaluate and counter. We prefer to go over offers on the phone, but we can do so via email if that is your preference.

If you're working with a buyer who doesn't have an agent:

Buyers can submit an offer using the "Make Offer" button on your Home Bay listing page. When they click on "Make Offer", they'll be prompted through the process of making an offer, step-by-step.

Questions about the offer and counteroffer process? Ask us!

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