Does Home Bay advertise on Craigslist?

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We believe Craigslist is an ineffective form of advertising a home for sale. Our experience, which is backed by the data showing where buyers search, is that real buyers generally do not search Craigslist to purchase homes. Most of the activity on Craigslist consists of real estate agents trolling for listings. That's why we choose not to advertise on the site.This was not always the case. In years past, Craigslist was a decent place to find buyers. Over the years, however, the major websites like Zillow, Trulia, Redfin and have grown substantially, while Craigslist has fallen to borderline irrelevancy.

Craigslist has also forbidden brokerages from auto-posting on its site. Now, all listings need to be added manually. This change has dramatically reduced the inventory displayed on Craigslist and further eroded buyer searches on the platform.

If you'd like to promote your listing on Craigslist, you're welcome to do so. You can link your ad to your Home Bay listing page, where interested buyers can request a showing and can contact you directly with any questions. 

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