How Does a Buyer Without an Agent Submit an Offer on a Home Bay Listed Property?

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Having a buyer without an agent is a win/win for the buyer and seller because the real estate agent fees go way down, and in some cases, the buyer gets a rebate toward downpayment and closing costs. Submitting an offer without an agent is easy. 

First, the buyer finds the home via a search on Once on the page associated with the home, the buyer clicks the Make Offer button. See the image below and the blue Make Offer button on the lower right.

What Happens Next for California Properties

In California, after the Make Offer button is clicked:

  • The web page will ask if they are a buyer or an agent.
  • If a buyer, the web page will ask a series of easy questions like, “What is the offer amount?” and “When can you close?”
  • When they complete the questions, an easy to read legal offer is generated.
  • When they electronically sign the legal offer, it goes to the seller for review.

What Happens Next for Properties in States Other Than California

In states other than California, it works the same except…

  • After the buyer clicks the Make Offer button, the buyer is prompted to contact Home Bay.
  • When the buyer calls us, we will manually write the offer for them on the form used by the local real estate association.
  • We will email the legal offer to the buyer to electronically sign and thereafter send to the seller.

Home Bay Assists Well Beyond the Offer Stage

Writing an offer without an agent is easy with Home Bay. If a buyer has questions along the way, they can reach us 7 days a week at (415) 712-0081.

Our agents also assist buyers with all other aspects of the transaction, such as completing the legal disclosures and closing escrow. 

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