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*We split the commission with you! Projection is based on a 3% buyer agent commission

Get commission back

When you buy a home, the property seller will pay your buyer agent a large, pre-determined commission (typically 2-3% of your purchase price). Home Bay empowers home buyers with all the tools needed to find a home, so we refund our buyers 10% of the buyer agent commission for coming directly to us with the homes they want to tour and potentially make offers on.






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We'll help you buy any home, just come to us when you're ready to make an offer.

Common questions

But isn't it free to use an agent when you're the buyer? Commission

Actually, as the buyer, you end up paying the commission fees because the seller already factors in agent costs (around 6% of the total price) into the price of the home. So don't be fooled — while the money is coming out of the seller's escrow, you'll be paying for the property and the agent services in the end.

When do I get my refund?

Most people opt to have the refund paid as a credit to their escrow account at closing. This means as a buyer, you don't have to spend as much money out of pocket for a down payment and closing costs! Some buyers prefer to receive a check after escrow closes, which we can also accommodate.